Saigon Blue Rain – „The Mort“

Die Pariser Cold Wave Band zelebriert im neuen Video zur Single „The Mort“ die dunkle Romantik einer Batcave Club Culture Party mit Vampir Ästhetik, tanzbare Beats, kombiniert mit sphärischen Sounds, intensiv klirrenden Melodien und der eindrucksvollen coolen Stimme von Ophelia.

Saigon Blue Rain über den Song „The Mort“:
The Mort belongs to a nightmare phase of sleep.
This song is the story of an oppressive dream between cannibalism and eroticism. The dreamer finds himself at the mercy of fanatics worshipping a non-existent deity.

Saigon Bue Rain über das kommende Album „Oko“:
Oko is an album constituted by incisive dark-electro sounds mixed with dark and intense melodies, illustrating as many nocturnal scenes that can be reinterpreted infinitely by each listener. An invitation to explore the lair of our restless sleep.
Oko (eye in czech language) is the eye that closes to give way to our dreams and buried nightmares during different phases of sleep. Moment that we dread as much as we wait for it; when at nightfall, the reminiscences of childhood are struggling in their last jolt to give way to guilty desires.
The eye who’s now accepting to look at the unacceptable becomes in turn intrusive, voyeur or inquisitive.